Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott spoke in an interview by Rock Pages and revealed his thoughts on playing style of Jeff Loomis. He said:

“I write all the music with Daniel [Erlandsson], our drummer, like I’ve done for many years. I co-wrote one a little bit with my brother as well, Chris. Like the ballad, ‘Reason To Believe’, came out of a jam with my brother. Jeff has a great style, but it’s not really Arch Enemy style. He’s got a great style.

I really, I’m one of the original Nevermore fans. I’ve toured with them back in the day before anybody really listened to Nevermore. I had their demo tapes before they made albums. That’s how far I go back with them. But, it’s just a different style of writing. It’s very dark, very progressive. And I think it’s really fucking cool, but it’s not really Arch Enemy style… at this time.”

He also talked on his casual lifestyle:

“I wrote a little part yesterday, it’s on my phone. I write a little bit on tour. Mostly at home thought. But ideas can come all the time. I’ve run to bathrooms in airports and sing an idea into my phone and save it for later.”

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