Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott recently shared a post on Instagram to pay tribute to the late Death guitarist Chuck Schuldiner.

Chuck Schuldiner founded the band Death in 1983 and worked as the band’s lead vocalist up until his passing in 2001. Since Schuldiner was regarded as one of the most prominent figures in metal music history, the guitarist got the nickname the Godfather of death metal.

Schuldiner began playing guitar when he was just nine years old. Then, the young guitarist started performing publicly in his early teens. After a while, Schuldiner got bored of school and decided to quit and focus on a music career.

Throughout his career with Death, the self-taught guitarist worked extensively on the band’s music. After the release of ‘Spiritual Healing,’ he even stopped working with full-time band members and collaborated with session musicians instead. Due to that, Schuldiner became known as a perfectionist within the metal community.

In 1999, the iconic guitarist was diagnosed with brain cancer, but he continued to work on his music even in that condition. Back then, Schuldiner wasn’t able to afford the surgery, so his fellow musicians supported him. However, his condition worsened in November 2001 due to Pneumocystis carinii.

Twenty years ago, on December 13, 2001, Schuldiner died at the age of 34. In an Instagram post, Arch Enemy’s guitarist Michael Amott paid tribute to Schuldiner and showed his respect to him. He then recalled the time he toured with the guitar legend as a Carcass member and thanked him for changing heavy metal music.

Michael Amott’s Instagram post read:

“Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Chuck passed away. I’ll always cherish the memories from the three tours we did together in the early 90’s – that was my’ school of rock’ in many ways!

It really opened my mind to watch Chuck and Death playing live in 1990 when Carcass got invited to support them. This was the first professional Death Metal band I ever saw, and I understood I had to improve myself. A lot.

Then there was the time off stage, and we shared so many fun and cool experiences traveling around the states that late summer in the US. Time of my life, and those first three amazing Death albums are the soundtracks to that.

Thank you for changing heavy metal and being so cool to someone with less experience at the time, showing me stuff on guitar, and the introductions to new (old) music, invaluable lessons that have stayed with me.”

You can check out the photo Amott posted on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Michael Amott – Instagram