Heavy metal guitarist Michael Angelo Batio recently joined an interview with Ryan Roxie and talked about his music career and guitars. Batio revealed that although Eddie Van Halen was an inspiration for creating his guitar, he became careful not to play like him.

Michael Angelo Batio has an advanced musical theory because he improved himself technically by being educated in Music Theory and Composition at university. He has inspired the guitarists with his unique techniques, which he contributed to the genres like heavy metal, neoclassical metal, and speed metal.

The guitarist worked with the bands like Holland, The Michael Angelo Band, and Nitro from the mid-’80s to early ’90s. Later on, he began to focus on his solo career until today. Batio released his debut album, entitled ‘No Boundaries,‘ in 1995 under his label, M.A.C.E Music. He received many praises from the music critics for his guitar skills with this album.

The musician has a vast collection of more than 150 guitars, and he has also been known for the Double Guitar he invented. It is a v-shaped guitar with two necks and can be played by the left and right-handed. Batio simultaneously playing both necks of the guitar has impressed so many audiences and musicians.

During a recent conversation, Batio revealed that the inspiration for the v-shaped guitar he created came from the successful guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen. Batio stated that although Van Halen was the most significant influence on him, he did not want to play like him so as not to steal his unique style. The guitarist explained that after he saw Eddie Van Halen on the cover of a magazine with his guitar, he drew the Double Guitar.

Regarding his guitar, Michael Angelo Batio explained:

“I’ve been a huge Van Halen fan since day one. But I also realized that I don’t play like Eddie at all. I didn’t even tap because I didn’t want to steal his thing. I said, ‘That’s him. It’s not me.’ I put them in the Jimi Hendrix category that there’s no possible way you can notate a Van Halen solo.

Anyway, I’m in the process of, like, in my brain, figuring out this double guitar. I used to do drawings where the two guitars are positioned like this, biblical, and you know, that’s not going to work.

And then, I saw a picture of Van Halen, was a full body shot in a Hit Parader, Circus, one of those mags, and he’s standing there, and he’s got his guitar up like this. And I look at it, and that’s it. And I draw. I had tracing paper, so I put a sheet of paper, I traced his image, I flipped it over, and I saw this and said, ‘There is my double.'”

You can watch the interview below.