The legendary Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony was the latest interview guest of Jeremy White Podcast this week and talked about many topics from the lack of bass in the mix of ‘OU812,’ the possible remaster version of it, and ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.’

As you may already know, OU812 (Oh You Eight One Two) was the eighth studio album of Van Halen and it was the second studio recording performance of Sammy Hagar. The band started to work for the album just after finishing ‘5150 Tour’ and has released it back in 1988.

However, the album got very mixed reviews from the professional authorities. Most of the reviews have caught fans’ eyes to the lack of bass on the album and claimed that Sammy was not as good as David Lee Roth on the album.

In his latest interview with Jeremy White, the interviewer stated that the bass was almost non-existent on OU812 and asked why did Anthony allow it to happen. While sharing his thoughts on the album, Michael Anthony also talked about the possible remastered version of it and indicated that he does not want to any part of cashing in on Eddie Van Halen.

Here is what he said about OU812:

“One thing that’s tough is that Eddie’s [Van Halen] tonal range is so broad and Alex’s drums are so big that a lot of times – and this would carry on to the live show too – a lot of times, it’s kind of difficult to get the bass tucked in where it sounds great and works with everything.

In the early days, with Ted Templeman for example, Donn Landee, who was his engineer, I listened to a lot of the stuff that he had done – like Linda Ronstadt, Doobie Brothers, bands like that, where the bass is there but it’s not there.

You can feel it, you can tell the notes are moving or whatever, but it’s not really a prominent thing. I know on the early records that there was a big focus on Ed and what he was doing, so I just kind of did my thing.

And here is what he said about the remastered or remixed versions of Van Halen albums:

“I know Warner has brought up the question if we would like to do that as far as a box set. Obviously, it all happens after Eddie passed, and it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s cash in on this and that.’ I don’t want any part of that type of going back.

But I know there has been some talk about doing a box set and redoing some stuff. But I think it’s kind of in the early works and nobody’s really talked that much about it yet. But I’m sure and I also hope that that will happen.”

You can watch the interview below.

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