During the Jeremy White podcast, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony found out that David Lee Roth has been using his original backing vocals when he’s opening for KISS and said that hes gonna have a chat with Roth to figure this out and get his share.

As you probably know, Michael Anthony is currently the bassist and backing vocalist for Sammy Hagar’s The Circle and Chickenfoot. However, he achieved mainstream fame with his tenure as Van Halen’s bassist and backing vocalist from 1974 to 2006, until he was replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen.

As he has worked with both of Van Halen’s former lead vocalists and is currently playing in Sammy Hagar’s band, Michael Anthony is often asked about his relationship with David Lee Roth. During his recent interview with Jeremy White, Anthony was ready to answer a question about Roth, but he apparently wasn’t ready to find out that Roth uses his backing vocals while performing live.

During their conversation, Jeremy White asked Michael Anthony about whether he’s aware that David Lee Roth is using his original backing vocals live. Michael Anthony couldn’t hide his surprise and said that he had no idea. He asked Jeremy whether he’s doing it when opening for KISS and Jeremy said that Roth did this in both of the KISS concerts that he attended in which he was opening for the band.

It was obvious that Michael Anthony was both surprised and interested as he kept asking Jeremy for more details and after finding out that Roth’s backing vocalists are walking up to the microphone and acting like they are the ones singing, he laughingly said that he’ll contact David Lee Roth to ask for compensation.

Here’s what Jeremy White said (transcribed by MHZ):

“Let me ask you this. You know, did you know that Dave is using your original backing vocals live?”

To which Michael Anthony responded:

No, I didnt. So, are you talking about his latest tour when he was opening up for KISS?”

And White replied:

“Yep, me and Mitch Lafon went to see KISS twice and we saw Dave open and the band and they’re playing the tracks and they’re using your studio backing vocals live. So it was almost as if you were there.”

To which Michael Anthony responded:

“Really now? Are his guys actually going up to the mics and pretending to sing or are they just coming out of nowhere?”

And Jeremy White replied:

“No, theyre walking up to sing. But that’s the thing. All of a sudden, it’s big frickin’ backing vocals, and it’s the original record backing vocals. So it’s interesting you didn’t know about that.”

To which Michael Anthony responded:

“No, I didnt even know about that. I need to look Dave up and hit him up for a little bit of you know, little compensation if he’s gonna be using my vocals.”

You can check out that part of the interview below.