The former member of Van Halen and current The Circle member Sammy Hagar posted a new video on his official Instagram page that he cuts a coconut with a really sharp machete.

Sammy wrote this on the caption:

“That’s how you get the freshest coconut meat #coconuts#diy #freshcoconut #guyfieriknives#survival
#cabo #sammysbeachbarrum#coconutcocktailscomingup

An another Van Halen icon, Michael Anthony commented on the video and wrote this:

“Yo Sambo, don’t be slipping up and cutting yourself,
we have more shows to do!!!😳😬”

Sammy responded to that comment:

“@mad_anthony_bassman don’t you worry Pal remember,
We got Vic broke leg Johnson 👊”

You can watch the video below.

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