In an interview with Chaoszine, the former Mercyful Fate guitarist Michael Denner revealed that he would never be a part of the band again after being backstabbed by his guitar partner.

Mercyful Fate has been an impressive group in the music scene since its early days. After being formed as a progressive and hard rock band in the early 80s, they influenced the direction of rock music in a way and became a part of the first wave of black metal.

The band’s self-titled EP, also known as ‘Nuns Have No Fun,’ was released in 1982 and was successful due to innovations with different sounds in its tracks. The group reunited in 2020 for concerts throughout Europe, but Denner was not invited to the reunion.

When asked about his thoughts on the reunion, Michael stated that he was left out of the group. Despite not having hard feelings for anyone, he noted that he doesn’t feel like a part of the original band anymore. Denner added that after being backstabbed by the other members, he would never be a part of a reunion in the future.

Michael Denner’s words on reuniting with Mercyful Fate:

“Not in a million years. That will never happen, never. It’s just the end of it because I could never trust this guy again. He broke my heart, and he stabbed me in the back. But still, I miss my old friend; I miss my guitar partner.

But I will never take a chance again, trusting this guy when he could do the thing he did. I will never be safe. So I feel sorry for him, and I feel sorry for him. It’s a loss. That’s the way life goes. You have to carry on.”

You can watch the entire interview on Youtube below.