Michael Jackson’s singer and social media phenomenon daughter, Paris, has reacted to a funny message she got from a fan on Twitter and declared her admiration Viggo Mortensen, who played as ‘Aragorn’ in The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Yesterday, Paris has posted two different photos of her to compare her emo look to current appearance. In the comment section area of the post, a fan mocked Paris’ post by sharing another comparison photos in which two different looks of Viggo Mortensen.

After all, Paris showed off her reaction to a recent post about Viggo and declared her admiration for the Lord of the Rings actor. Here’s what Paris said:

“Viggo has my entire heart.”

However, a fan wrote a celebration message to Paris after her admiration confession and said:

“Congratulations and Happy birthday my Paris Jackson I hope you have great fun with all your loved ones, friends and family…

I love you very much and with all my heart I consider you my sister. God bless you, Princess.🎁”

Check out the original tweet of Paris below.