Paris Jackson, who has released ‘The Soundflowers’ EP with her band lately, unveiled what she has been influenced by the most when making the dance section on the band’s latest music video, ‘Your Look (Glorious).’

Formed a band with her boyfriend under the name ‘The Soundflowers’, Paris Jackson seems extremely happy and excited to take part in the music industry. The most recent work The Soundflowers did was to release on July 14, the music video of the song, ‘Your Look (Glorious)’ in the EP.

Paris Jackson revealed on Twitter about the cozy and inspirational music video that the main influence on her vision for the dance section was the song ‘Dawn Chorus‘ from Thom Yorke’s album, ‘Anima.’ The choreographer and the dancers did such a great job that they made Jackson cry, as she admitted.

Here is what Paris Jackson said on her tweet:

“‘Dawn Chorus’ from Thom Yorke’s ‘Anima’ was the main influence on my vision for the dance in the music video.. I cried the first time I saw it.

So so so grateful to the choreographer Justine Menter, and the incredibly talented Maisy Dunne and Marko Germar for breathing life into this.”

You can see Jackson’s tweet and watch the music video of ‘Your Look (Glorious)’ below.