The daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, is a very active person on Twitter and is sharing a lot of casual stuff day by day on her official account.

Recently, Paris wrote an interesting birthday celebration conversation on her Twitter page and showed off her reaction to that kind of conversation.

The fans wrote their reactions to this tweet in the comment section of Twitter. After the huge confusion, Paris has to need to write an explanation.

First of all, Paris wrote:

“- “yeah my birthday was yesterday”
– “oh shit happy birthday!! Pisces, huh? I bet retrograde is fucking you right up”

I’m clearly very good at human-ing. Help?”

After the tweet, Paris got lots of birthday celebration messages from the fans. And she clarified the situation with this statement:

“I guess this was a confusing tweet. To clarify: I’m not the birthday person in this situation. I’m the idiot that doesn’t know how to just leave it at HBD.”

A Twitter fan, Mel, wrote to Paris:

“I feel retrograde very much right now and I’m not a Pisces”

She responded:

“Same I’m Aries… Water signs are just very sensitive from what I’ve gathered.”

You can see the tweets below.