Paris Jackson, the daughter of iconic singer Michael Jackson and indie-folk musician, has agreed with the complaint of the voice actor and drummer Breckin Meyer on Twitter about the major problem of bikers.

Like most of the people, after the global coronavirus outbreak, Paris Jackson has become more active on the social media platforms and has begun to chat with people more than ever before. Sharing the news about her life during the lockdown and stating her opinions on several issues, Jackson has taken Instagram to reveal her new tattoo, lately.

Paris has displayed her brand new tattoo, which looks like the alien figure on the cover photo of Jack Stauber’s ‘Finite Form’ album. Jackson said about the tattoo she made on her own that she is wondering if Jack would love it or not.

In addition to showing the things going on in her life, Paris has recently joined a conversation about one of the biggest problems of bikers as of late. She has reacted to the tweet of Breckin Meyer in which he complained about the bee that stung him while he was on his motorcycle.

As Meyer said that he doesn’t know what he did to the bee that stung him on his throat, Paris Jackson commented by revealing that the same thing has happened to three other people she knows in the last week. Paris said that the bees clearly hate bikers.

Here is what Breckin Meyer said in his tweet:

Dear bee that stung me while I was on my motorcycle, dunno if you’re on Twitter but I’m sorry I hit you. You didn’t have to sting me though. And on my throat! Plus we didn’t even exchange information. Also, I noticed you weren’t wearing a mask. You should bee.”

Paris Jackson replied as:

“This has happened to 3 other people I know in the last week. Bees clearly hate bikers.”

You can see the tweets below.