On Twitter, Michael Jackson‘s activist and musician daughter Paris Jackson posted a tweet about praising technology enabling her to reach out to fellow musicians around the country and revealed she was actually working on some new projects.

As you might remember, the only daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris has been following her dad’s path and working on her music career. Paris and her longtime boyfriend Gabriel Glenn formed a band named ‘The Soundflowers.‘ The band released their self-titled album on June 23, 2020, which consisted of five tracks.

Recently on Twitter, Paris Jackson posted a tweet about the benefits of technology which enabled her to exchange ideas with her musician friends all around America while she was in California. She also mentioned that life was good when you had all these opportunities.

Here’s what Paris stated in her recent tweet:

“Currently giving feedback to a friend in Vancouver on his music, while sending ideas back and forth with another friend in Georgia on some of my music, and helping another friend in Alabama with ideas for his music, and I’m in California. Technology is crazy. life is good.”

However, the fans were more focused on the fact that Paris might have been working on some new projects. A Twitter user nicknamed BingBong suggested life could have been better if Paris was recording some new music. As a response to the fan’s comment, Paris Jackson confirmed she was actually recording new music in the studio.

Here’s the fan’s comment on Paris’ tweet:

“Life would be even better if you’re in the studio recording undone

Here’s the reply Paris Jackson posted on Twitter:

I am 😉

You can see the tweets Paris Jackson posted on Twitter below.