Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary musician Michael Jackson, revealed the story behind her debut album titled ‘Wilted’ during an interview with AP Entertainment and it turned out that her pain after a breakup made the album possible.

As you may remember, Paris Jackson recently signed to Republic Records, home to artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and released her very first solo single named ‘Let Down.’ Jackson wrote the song herself and the lyrics are about a broken heart, assumingly after a breakup.

With the new single, the news about her upcoming debut album titled ‘Wilted’ came, and apparently, the release date is on 13 November and fans cannot wait to hear more details from Paris Jackson and her new music.

While fans have been curious about the album, Paris Jackson revealed the story behind her new album’s theme during an interview with AP Entertainment. Jackson stated that she found healing through making her album after her breakup and found the opportunity to look back on herself thanks to her songs.

Here is what she said:

I found so much healing through creating this. And there are moments where I’ll listen back to certain songs and I’m like, ‘Wow I was so naïve.’

But for the most part, it’s just like so much gratitude and joy that I get from listening to these songs and just seeing the development and the evolution of what they became starting out from just like bare bones with just a guitar and my voice and what they have turned into.”

You can see the full interview and AP Entertainment’s Twitter post below.