The daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson and indie-folk musician, Paris Jackson has finally shown her political stance for the upcoming presidential election in the US by supporting a campaign initiated by the Texas Democratic Party.

As you may know, the talented model and vocalist, Paris Jackson, has been taking her social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram to give updates on her personal life along with her musical projects for a very long time.

Though she likes to describe herself as an activist, Jackson has kept her silence about the current political state of the US and has not indicated her side in the 2020 presidential election. However, through her latest repost on Twitter, she has displayed her support for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden.

Paris has retweeted the stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer’s most recent post and stated if we turn Texas blue, Trump is through. She has backed up the Texas Democratic Party’s fundraising project and invited her followers to donate.

Texas Democratic Party’s ‘Turn Texas Blue‘ campaign aims to raise another $1M after they’ve raised $1M in a week in June. The organizers say that, in this way, they’ll be able to reach out to more than 1.5 million newly-registered Texas voters, beat Trump, and flip a key Senate seat.

Here’s what Paris Jackson said in her recent tweet:

There’s no debate: If we turn Texas blue, Trump is through. $38 for 38 electoral votes.”

You can see the tweet below and check out the campaign here.