Michael Jackson‘s lovely daughter and musician Paris Jackson posted a picture of herself posing in a daunting garden and revealed that she had some exciting news to share with her fans very soon.

As you may know, the late pop music icon Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson decided to follow her father’s path and became a musician. Paris formed a band called ‘The Soundflower‘ with her boyfriend, Gabriel Glen. The Soundflower released their self-titled album on June 23, 2020, which consisted of five tracks.

Furthermore, Paris had a collaboration with her brother Prince Jackson during the shooting of her video clip for The Soundlflower’s new song, ‘Your Look (Glorious).’ Prince was actually the producer of the music video and the famous siblings received the appreciation of the fans for their successful work which would probably make Michael so proud.

Recently on Instagram, Paris Jackson shared a photo of herself taken in an eerie garden surrounded by some angel statues. On the caption of her post, Paris mentioned that her favorite time of the year, the spooky season, had arrived. She also stated that the harvest moon and Samhain, which was a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season, were approaching.

Furthermore, the young musician added that she actually had very exciting news to share with her fans, yet she left the details of her announcement as a mystery for the moment.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated on the caption of her post:

“It’s spooky season, my favorite time of year, and with the harvest moon and Samhain soon approaching, I have some very exciting news to share with you guys🥀🌕⚰️”

You can see the photo Paris Jackson posted on her Instagram account below.