Pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, has shared a new update on her mental health in a conversation with a user on her verified Twitter account.

As you may recall, in January 2019, the 21-year-old model focused on her mental health after an intensive work schedule and decided to be treated.

Today, a Twitter fan named Gerson asked if everything is fine to get new updates about her current health status.

Paris answered her fan that she felt happy and healthy. She also thanked the fan for asking about her mental health. Here’s the conversation:

The fan asked:

“Hey, Paris what have you been up to lately Like legit You ok? How life and shit? I hope you’re doing well. Lots of love.”

Paris Jackson replied to:

“I’m actually doing well and really happy and healthy. Thank you so much for asking that really means a lot to me.”

The same fan wrote:

“No biggie If you ever wanna talk about life. I know we don’t know each other but I guess you can talk to me. Stay safe Paris.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.