Michael Jackson’s lovely daughter and also talented musician just like his iconic father, Paris Jackson has posted a bunch of new photos on her official Instagram page today and showed how she’s french kissing his long-time friend Michael Bradley.

As Paris wrote the caption of his photo with Michael Bradley in Hebrew, most of the fans could not understand what Paris meant while writing it. ‘L’chaim’ means ‘to life’ in Hebrew and people say it just before drinking with friends to celebrate when a couple becomes engaged.

Just for that reason, some of the fans have thought that Paris is now engaged with his boyfriend but she did not make any statement about the photos she’s shared.

Here is what she wrote on the caption:

“L’chaim bitch.”

After posting these rare photos, Paris took to her Instagram Stories once again and wrote this with the funny photo she’s shared:

“We’re going to convert him into a handsome young Jewish boy.”

You can check out the latest Instagram photos of Paris Jackson below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram Stories