The King of Pop Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris Jackson reacted a fan’s comment on Twitter about the way she protests racial discrimination and police violence in America.

Michael Jackson’s musician and activist daughter Paris Jackson has been showing her support for the recent demonstrations against racism both on social media and in real life. Paris has been an active participant in the protests on the street from day one.

Recently on Twitter, Paris shared an article about the protests titled ‘5 Peaceful Protests That Led To Social & Political Changes.’ Her fans and followers reacted differently to her call for more peaceful environment for the protests.

One of her followers named Gio criticized Paris’ post and wrote:

Paris do you really think slavery ended with a hug and a bunch of flowers? Systematic racism IS NOT gonna end without a riot. There are 400 years of it. please just listen to us and get out of your comfort white rich zone. you shouldn’t post anything about PEACE right now

Paris commented to the reaction of her follower:

Slavery didn’t end it’s still very much alive in and out of the united states.

Another follower named Bri also reacted to Paris’ statement and wrote:

Exactly. It still exists in this country today. And despite all the peaceful methods what has changed? Please understand that to gain our freedom and to be where we are now in history sometimes we had to stand and FIGHT. It never starts with peace, it ends in peace.

You can see the tweet Paris shared on her official Twitter account below.