‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson‘s daughter, also a musician herself, Paris Jackson shared a funny video of herself playing with her cat, however, a follower insulted her because Jackson’s caption stated that she has work to do in the morning.

As you may know, Paris Jackson has a lot going on on her plate at the moment due to her brand new solo album named ‘Wilted’ after releasing her debut single ‘Let Down’ which received positive reactions from critics, such as People Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Paris Jackson recently shared an adorable video of her playing with her cat and trying to fit the little one into her hoodie on her official Twitter page. In the caption, she stated that she is having fun in the middle of the night despite the fact that she has work to do tomorrow.

Here is what Jackson said about the video:

“Me at 2 am literally just vibing knowing damn well I have work tomoz.”

A follower, apparently, was offended by Jackson calling making music a job and underestimated her profession since she is a musician. That follower shared a post replying to Jackson’s video and implying that what she has is not a proper ‘work.’

Here is what that follower said:


Since Paris Jackson does not stand by negativity, she responded to her follower’s statement with a dictionary definition of ‘job.’ She mockingly stated that the definition might help that follower and ended her explanation with a heart emoji.

Here is what Jackson said:

Yes 🙂 also known as a ‘job’ which is something people do to make money and earn a living utilizing specific skills tailored to the task at hand. webster describes this as a paid position of regular employment.’ hope this could be of help to you!”

You can see the Twitter post below.