Michael Jackson‘s activist and musician daughter Paris Jackson posted a video of herself via Instagram stories after taking a nap and explained why she liked to wake up not being aware of the time or place at all.

As you might remember, The King of Pop Michael Jackson’s talented daughter Paris Jackson released the new album of her band, The Soundflowers, which was founded by her and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn. Paris also had a collaboration with her brother Prince Jackson during the shooting of the music clip of their song ‘Your Look (Glorious).’

Paris Jackson has been using her social media accounts to share the moments of her daily life with the fans. Recently, Paris posted a video of herself lying in bed via Instagram stories. As you will see in the video below, she seemed to be just waking up from a nap.

Moreover, Paris explained why she loved a certain type of nap in the video she posted. Apparently, her favorite type of nap is when someone wakes up and loses the track of time and doesn’t know where she is exactly. In the video, Paris described her appreciation for those types of naps by kissing her fingertips many times as a part of the so-called Italian gesture.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated in her recent video:

“You know those naps when you wake up and you had no idea what time it is, what day it is, where you are.”

You can watch the video Paris Jackson posted via Instagram stories below.