Michael Jackson’s musician daughter Paris Jackson shared the classical music she used to listen with her fans on Twitter and suggested a fan to listen to ‘Radiohead stuff’ when feeling depressed or pointless.

As you might know, the only daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris has been following her dad’s path and working on her music career for a long time now. Paris and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn formed a band named ‘The Soundflowers‘ and released their self-titled album on June 23, 2020, which consisted of five tracks.

While creating the sound of The Soundflower, Paris and Gabriel combined the indie acoustic with the influences of blues, soul, and beach reggae. However, Paris is known for being open to various types of music as she shares from time to time on social media platforms.

Recently on Twitter, Paris Jackson posted a tweet about a rendition of Bach’s cello suite no. 1 and mentioned how it made her feel when it comes up on her list. In the comment section of her tweet, a Twitter follower asked Paris to share her Spotify list including these kinds of classical songs since the world was too loud lately.

As a response to her fan’s request, Paris Jackson shared the musicians she grew up listening to and suggested her to check them out by stating:

“Check out Claude Debussy, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Samuel barber, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, Edvard Grieg, and Johann Sebastian Bach. I grew up on them. So fuckin sick dude.

Furthermore, another Twitter user named Neysa Smith wanted Paris to recommend some songs to listen ‘when depression strikes and life seems pointless.’ This time Jackson had an interesting suggestion to feel better in case of feeling depressed or hopeless. Apparently, Paris thought listening to any of the ‘Radiohead stuff‘ was the best thing to do in these kinds of situations.

Here’s how Paris Jackson replied to the question from her fan on Twitter:

Any of Radiohead’s stuff just throw them on shuffle.

You can see the tweets Paris Jackson posted on her Twitter account below.