The daughter of Michael Jackson and indie-folk singer, Paris Jackson has shared a throwback video, which was taken when she was having lots of fun with her friends, and said that her style, as well as her humor, hits a higher frequency every day.

Famous with her hippie style and unique sense of humor, Paris Jackson has been actively using social media platforms and giving updates from her daily life. In addition to the photos and videos that display her bohemian lifestyle, she frequently shares some motivational quotes about mindfulness and the magical order of the universe.

Recently, she has shown how she had fun practicing her Zen approach with her closest friends Talia-Rose and Christian Fortune, whom she misses so much. Making fun of her own style by speaking like the gurus in the video she shared, Paris remarked that her style and sense of humor level up every day.

Built a Zen garden at Neverland ranch back in 2015, Jackson has been focusing on the doctrine for a long while. She has been applying the teachings of Zen in her life and reflecting her perspective related to it on social media. Paris shows on every occasion that she is highly inspired by the school of Buddhism.

Here is what Paris Jackson said in her latest Instagram post:

“Same style, same humour, but hitting a higher frequency every day. Tb. Miss you Talia-Rose, Christian Fortune.”

You can see the post below.