American musician and the only child from Michael Jackson’s marriage with Debbie Rowie, Paris Jackson responded to a question by a fan on Twitter about her inspiration for the cover art of Soundflowers’ debut album in which she collaborates with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

The album cover is an interesting drawing, and fans are curious about the story behind it. For further details about the cover design, a fan named Aliya asked:

“What is your inspiration for the album cover?”

And Paris responded:

“I stumbled across Lana Guerra’s art and fell in love with it. It’s very Radiohead-meets-Basquiat. I reached out and she agreed to do the artwork for the EP. Isn’t she amazing?”

So, the cover art is a drawing by the artist Lana Guerra. Apparently, it is a special design that depicts the Radiohead style. We already know that Paris is a huge Radiohead fan and she has great tattoos on her, dedicated to this band.

Debut album was released on July 23. You can listen to this five-track LP here.

You can see the tweet below.