The ups and downs about the public appearance of Paris Jackson caused controversy between her and a Twitter user on the social media platform lately.

The subject was opened from the exposed pedophile case of Michael Jackson on some Twitter users’ tweets to Paris. Many of them clearly showed with their statements that they continue to evaluate Michael Jackson not by his works but by his personality. In reply to them Paris said:

“Well then I suppose this is a similar situation to the Nikki Sixx thing y’all ripped me to pieces over. I’m a massive mötley crüe fan but do not condone nor support the things Sixx has said about other artists.”

To further clarify, we all love Disney movies don’t we ? They’re the best. But Walt Disney, as genius as he was, was also anti-simetic. You can appreciate good art without condoning certain things the artist does.”

Paris Jackson defended in her next tweets that MJ’s legacy with his messages over love and peace on his songs will pass to the next generations, however, a user named Sam posted the past news of TMZ about Paris’ hospitalization due to attempting suicide.

Paris’ response to the news of TMZ, in which she cursed, was indicated by this Twitter user. The same person criticized Paris in his tweet and said:

“I feel like ur more aggressive when it comes to other thinks but submissive when it comes to ur father. MJ fans know u love ur dad, but the general public thinks his daughter thinks her dad is peodolphile. Just saying.”

After that, Paris Jackson explained how remorseful she felt for the impulsive words she said in the past. Jackson implied that she has changed in time and clarified her current thought and maturity by saying:

“That was over a year ago, and i regret being so rude in that tweet. I’m trying to grow and find peace. If i am peaceful, i will live in peace. If i am angry and mean, i will live in anger and contempt. I do not want to live that way. I’m working towards serenity.”

You can check on the conversation between Paris and the Twitter user below.