The daughter of the iconic singer Michael Jackson and a model, Paris Jackson has commemorated the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen with an open letter on Instagram and said she will wear her VH tattoo with pride forever.

The passing of Eddie Van Halen on Tuesday, October 6 has grieved the whole music industry and the metal community. After his on and off fight with tongue and throat cancers for years, Van Halen departed this life at the age of 65 since cancer had moved to his brain, along with other organs.

The legend has been mourned by nearly the whole world, including his family, beloved friends, and countless people he had inspired over the years with his revolutionary marks on guitar.

One of his biggest fans and a talented indie-folk musician, Paris Jackson, has taken Instagram to express her sorrows while thanking Eddie Van Halen for his massive impact on herself. She admitted that when she was figuring out who she is, the bands like Van Halen, Crüe, Def Leppard, etc were the soundtrack.,

Paris said Eddie forever changed the game of rock and roll as a true musician, as well as a true legend. She ended up her words by saying she will wear her Van Halen tattoo, which is on her finger, with pride forever and always.

Here’s what Paris Jackson said in her latest Instagram post:

“Wow this fucked me up. This man here had such a massive impact on me during my most formative years. When I was figuring out who I am, what I liked, what I didn’t like, my strengths, my weaknesses, bands like Van Halen, Crüe, Def Leppard, etc were the soundtrack.

Thank you sir for forever changing the game of rock and roll. A true shredder, a true musician, a true legend. I will wear my VH tattoo with pride forever and always. Rest in transition. ♥️”

You can see the post below.