The daughter of iconic musician Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has stated her belief upon healing with a quotation as we go through the tough days of 2020.

Paris Jackson has been very open about her mental state and how she perceives the world on social media. She frequently shares motivational posts that are based on mindfulness and expresses her faith in the unity of souls along with collective consciousness.

As you may remember, she has posted a special experience she and her close friend had the other day. Jackson said after telling what had happened that she believes there is magic in this world. 

On her latest post on Instagram, Paris Jackson has remarked again the significance of the soul together with the need for self-healing after going through the pretty awful year. Jackson quoted Lebanese-American philosopher Kahlil Gibran and explained that we will heal although our collective consciousness and individuality have been damaged by the disasters of 2020.

Here is what she said on her latest Instagram post:

This year has been a rough one for all of us, as a collective consciousness and individually. here’s a friendly reminder that ”out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.”
– Kahlil Gibran.

We will heal. ♥️”

You can see Paris Jackson’s post below.