Famous pop star Michael Jackson’s daughter and model, Paris Jackson, took to her official Twitter account to share a new post and showed why she returned back after taking a break for almost a month.

As you might remember, Paris asked if vampires pee or not and wondered what the fans are thinking about this interesting topic. But, it was the latest post that Paris shared since September 16.

Yesterday, Paris returned to Twitter again and replied to this old post by saying that why nobody warned her about the grammar issues she made, even after two weeks passed. In this way, Paris criticized her followers.

Furthermore, some of the fans shared their reactions to this criticism. They explained why they didn’t make any suggestions about the post by saying that they are not following Paris for the grammar lessons.

Here is what Paris Jackson said earlier:

“‘What’s happening?’ Well, twitter I’m glad you asked. I’ve been thinking about whether on not vampires pee. and if so, is it cold?”

Paris Jackson replied to her own post:

“Damn it’s been two weeks since I tweeted this and, to my knowledge, not one of you corrected me on my typo.”

A fan named Tom replied:

We don’t follow you for grammar lessons…”

You can read the tweets below.