The iconic late star Michael Jackson’s daughter and also a famous social media personality, Paris Jackson, has shared a crucial statement about women’s rights via her official and verified Instagram page and showed off her reaction to the statement.

In the recent Instagram post, she has shared some tweets of the user named ‘Diary of an Eclectic Witch’ in which he was mentioning the woman rights and the importance of women in our lives.

Here’s what he wrote in all the tweets of himself:

“Ur’s inability to see the divine feminine as anything other than a traditional “beautiful woman” speaks volumes towards our connection to her. She comes in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also meaning, she can present in a body that would traditionally be seen as “male”.

The same thing can be said about the divine masculine only being presented as a “chiseled man”. The divine masculine can also present itself in any size, shape, or color. Again, meaning that he can come through in a form traditionally seen as “female”.

This being said, we all carry elements of the divine feminine and divine masculine in us and how we choose to embrace and express those energies is incredibly personal. We need to stop limiting the energies we feel inside to what the bodies we were born into “look like”.

The further we break down language to become more inclusive and the more we dissect these root words, the more freedom we allow ourselves to express what is inside. Let the inside determine how you outwardly present, not the other way around.”

Apparently, Paris Jackson has been affected by these tweets of him because she reposted all of them on her own page and written an interesting caption with over them.

Here’s the caption of Paris:

“yup yup yup & yup”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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yup yup yup & yup

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