Michael Jackson’s musician and activist daughter Paris Jackson posted a series of photos on Instagram with the famous actor Macaulay Culkin to celebrate his 40th birthday as well as their friendship.

As you might remember, Macaulay Culkin gained worldwide fame and success with his role as Kevin McCallister in the ‘Home Alone‘ films while he was only 10 years old. Culkin continued his career in the movie industry for a while more than around 2013 he co-founded a comedy rock band named The Pizza Underground which split up in 2016. Recently, he has been producing his podcast titled ‘Bunny Ears.’

On Instagram, Paris Jackson posted a series of photos and a video of her dear friend Macaulay Culkin in honor of his 40th birthday. As you will see in the photos below, Paris and Macaulay had a special friendship that they even had matching tattoos on their arms.

Moreover, Paris shared a video while she and Macaulay were dancing with their identical pj’s. On the caption of her post, Paris mentioned how important Culkin was to her as a friend and thanked him for teaching how to waltz.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated on the caption of her post:

“Happy birthday ♥️ I absolutely adore you. Thanks for teaching me fine art and how to waltz that one time.

You can see the photo Paris Jackson posted on her Instagram account below.