The lovely daughter of Michael Jackson and almost 4 million followed Instagram phenomenon, Paris Jackson, has sent a bunch of new Instagram Stories and explained how she’s cleaning her makeup at the end of every single day.

As she chose something very simple to do her ordinary skincare, she put a single note about one of the most famous makeup artists in America, Jo Baker, and mocked her by claiming that she would hate her if she sees the video.

She wrote this on the videos she sent on Instagram Stories:

“This is why Jo Baker secretly hates me.”

Here is what she told on the videos she sent today:

“Hey, guys! So a lot of you were asking my skincare routine, I wash the cotton and water and taking masquerade off. And then you’re good to f*** sleep.”

Later on, she showed her lovely dog named Frodo to the cameras:

“I will tell you who does not really need good skincare routine and that’s Frodo! He has dreadlocks sometimes.

But there’s something the constant licking himself and licking his whole body that just really reduces the risk of infection.”

You can watch the merged version of these special videos right below.