Michael Jackson’s musician and activist daughter, Paris Jackson shares a photo on her Instagram page portraying life and death in the world and she asks for her followers to ‘Think’.

The King of the Pop, Michael Jackson has sadly passed away from a cardiac arrest on June 25 2009, after a life full of musical success and personal dramas. Jackson had three kids from his second marriage with Deborah Jeanne Rowe.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson also became a musician and an activist. She has been quite active on her social media accounts with the main purpose of spreading peace and love.

Recently, Paris has posted a photo showing how death and life can happen at the same time in the world. One side of the photo portrays a war-torn city, which might be representing the death on earth. And the other side shows an alive city with buildings and people, which can be the representation of life.

Paris Jackson shared the photo on her Instagram page and wrote one simple word:


You can see the picture Paris Jackson posted on Instagram below.

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