Iconic pop star Michael Jackson’s daughter and gorgeous model/singer, Paris Jackson, showed her admiration to Radiohead once again by sharing a new post on her official Twitter account.

About five months ago, Paris showed her third Radiohead tattoo to her followers for the first time and impressed the community with her love for the band. She tattooed herself with the lyrics of the ‘Nice Dream’ song of Radiohead on her arm.

Furthermore, Paris released a new EP with her band, The Soundflowers, and one of the fans asked what’s the inspiration for making the album cover. Paris revealed that she is inspired by Lana Guerra, who worked for Radiohead’s projects in the past.

In the tweet, Paris stated that she is thinking about getting a new Radiohead tattoo even though she has 3 tattoos of the band and wanted her followers’ opinion about it. In this way, Paris showed her dedication to Radiohead and proved how much she loves Radiohead.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote:

“Debating getting a fourth Radiohead tattoo.

Talk me out of it.”

You can read the tweet below.