Michael Jackson’s daughter and one of the most-talented indie-folk musicians of the era, Paris Jackson, has taken to his official Instagram account today and amazed her fans with her little-known Van Halen tattoo.

As Paris showed off her friendship bracelet with her lovely friends Isabelle and Caroline, she also showed his Van Halen tattoo on her index finger. As you will check out the photo, Paris has tattooed herself with the original logo of Van Halen which was modified back in 1986.

She also did not forget to tag American businesswoman, fashion model, and also known as the co-owner of D’Amores Pizza and a long-time buddy of Paris, Caroline D’amore on the caption of the photo.

Almost 20K people have pushed the like button on the post. However, Paris has restricted the comment section to the people she is not following. For that reason, no one has commented on the photo yet.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote:

“Friendship bracelets with my girls.

Isabella D’Amore Alt and Caroline D’Amore. ♥️”

You can check out the post right below.