Legendary vocalist Michael Jackson‘s musician daughter Paris Jackson participated in a recent discussion about the allegations against her father but somehow, she avoided the subject of DNA test.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson followed the path of her father and became a musician and an activist. However, Paris has been the target of criticism about her statements regarding the allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson for a while.

Last week on Twitter, the famous singer Sia showed her support for Paris and her music, but Sia’s previous claims about Michael Jackson and the pedophile cases related to him caused fans to call her a hypocrite.

Here’s the tweet Sia posted to show her support for Paris who had been under attack because of accusations against her father:

Dear Paris Jackson, I love you, keep going. I believe you are a good person.”

Paris replied to Sia’s tweet directly and wrote:

I was just watching one of your music videos yesterday. wild. got a lot of inspo from your work in the contemporary dance video we did that’s coming out soon. thank you for the love xxo

While the discussions about Michael’s personal life escalated after Sia’s statement, Paris involved in a conversation with her followers on Twitter. A fan reminded Paris that Sia was actually thinking Michael was a pedophile and she replied by saying:

“Well, then I suppose this is a similar situation to the Nikki Sixx thing y’all ripped me to pieces over. I’m a massive mötley crüe fan but do not condone nor support the things Sixx has said about other artists.

To further clarify, we all love Disney movies, don’t we? they’re the best. but Walt Disney, as genius as he was, was also anti-simetic. you can appreciate good art without condoning certain things the artist does.

Another fan warned Paris about the hidden truth about the support of people like Sia and wrote:

“I wish you luck in surrounding yourself with people who think like Sia. Those who help the negative narrative of your father stay alive and impact your life till this day. Maybe you can change their minds if you meet? But, remember snakes bite.”

To the fan’s tweet revealing the harsh reality, Paris replied:

“My father’s message of love and peace speaks for itself. nothing can tarnish that. his legacy will continue to hold for many generations to come. rest your heart and mind, this too shall pass.

While the conversation about the allegations against Michael Jackson and Paris’ attitude towards them was continuing, a fan raised the issue of DNA test that Paris should take to end the discussions.

In my opinion, the only way Paris can defend his dad that won’t be pointless is her participating in Taj doc, take the DNA test to show & shut the MFs who believe MJ wanted to be white, who never saw him as a human being, people who never believed him.

However, this time Paris Jackson chose to stay quiet and didn’t write any further tweets.

You can see the conversation between Paris Jackson and her fans on Twitter below.