The daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson, indie-folk musician, and model, Paris Jackson has revealed her thought about one of her daily activities, that should be the favorite thing in her whole life, but she said it’s actually so far from being the best thing in the world.

The animal and nature lover multi-talent, Paris Jackson, has made a confession after she posted on Instagram the night ceremony with her furry cat yesterday. Jackson has unveiled that she likes to play a song or two to her cat while ending her nights.

Most recently, Paris has made a related statement on Twitter and unveiled the fact that napping with her cat has got to be one of her all-time favorite things to do, however, it’s really the exact opposite of that.

While some of her fans got surprised by her admission, some cat-owners gave Paris right by complaining that their cats bite their ears or disturb them on the bed sometimes.

Here is what Paris Jackson said in her recent tweet:

“Napping with my cat has got to be one of my all time favorite things to do yo.. I’d like to call it my favorite activity but it’s the exact opposite of that.”

You can see the tweet below.