The daughter of the most awarded artist in the history of popular music and the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson recently shared a spiritual quotation on her official Instagram page and advised people what to do in the moment of being triggered by others.

Paris Jackson is quite an active social media user with a huge amount of followers and she mostly reflects her spiritual side on her official Instagram page. Jackson often shares spiritual and inspirational messages and her Instagram page itself feels like a meditation.

Jackson recently shared another post on her official Instagram page by a spiritual awakening page and the message she wanted to spread was to calm down and forget about our ego before reacting to someone who wants to offend us.

Here is what was written in the post:

“When someone tries to trigger you by insulting you or by doing or saying something that irritates you take a deep breath and switch off your ego. Remember that if you are easily offended, you are easily manipulated.

After sharing the message, she added that caption:

“Well, this is cool.”

Since fans love seeing her spiritual side on her social media accounts, this one also was very much appreciated by Paris Jackson‘s fans. Most of them agreed with the message and stated that we should reflect before we act as said in the post.

You can see the Instagram post below.

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well this is cool @awake_spiritual

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