Michael Jackson’s musician daughter Paris Jackson posted photos with her friend Noah Grey on Instagram to bid him farewell after his devastating death.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson also became a musician and peace and love advocate just like her father. She has been using her social media accounts often to show her reaction to any injustice and spread the peace.

Recently on Instagram, Paris posted some photos of herself taken with her dear friend Noah Grey to mourn after his tragic death. On the caption of her post, Paris mentioned what a special soul Noah was. She also stated that she was a bit late to bid him farewell since she needed some time to process his loss.

Here’s what Paris Jackson wrote on the caption of her post:

“I’m late posting this, but I still had to process. Noah, you were such a special soul. beautiful inside and out. I swear that chipped-tooth smile brought pure sunshine into every single room it entered… I’m sorry life was so hard on you, and the world so cruel.

You deserved nothing but light and joy and love, as that was what you brought into the lives of the people who knew you. It brings me peace to know you are now surrounded by those things, and no longer in pain. Rest in transition, little brother. You will never be forgotten. ♥️”

Shortly afterward, Paris Jackson posted several photos of her close friend Sofia who also passed away recently. On the caption, Paris stated how difficult it was to cope with the losses of two friends at the same time. She bid Sofia farewell by mentioning all the sweet memories they had together and continued:

One is already too much. I hate this. Sofia thank you so much for all of the cuddles, laughs, and friendship. There was never a dull moment with you. I’m going to miss the chills all over my body when hearing you sing, discovering new music together, the downtown adventures in the middle of the night, all of it.

You came into my life when I really needed it, and I wish I could have been there for you towards the end. You will be missed by so many. Rest in transition love ♥️”

You can see the photos Paris Jackson posted on her Instagram account below.