On Twitter, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has made a recent question and answer session and responded to the question that she got from the fans on that social media platform.

As you might remember, Paris has an interesting style when she was a teenager. We can say that she had a totally emo style with her black dressing-ups, hair and heavy black makeup.

Three days ago, Paris posted a rare photo of herself in which she can be seen with bizarre black hair and makeup. Here’s the photo that Paris posted:

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Twitter

A fan asked that if she ever had or use a wig when she was a teenager. In the comment section of Twitter, Paris responded to that question.

Andrea Fabiana asked:

“In the photo on the right, are you wearing a wig?”

Paris wrote a simple message and refused the wig claims. She said:


Another fan named Dee asked:

“Wait that was actually her hair eye? :D”

Paris responded:

“what’s great is I literally do not regret it at all. If I wasn’t all about brown-scale and earth tones these days I’d probably bring it back.”

Check out the Twitter post below.