Legendary musician Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has shared a really cute photo of herself via her official Instagram account. In the caption of the photo, Paris revealed an untold secret about The Beatles’ Paul McCartney.

In the picture, Paris was posing on the driving seat and wearing really cute casual clothes that shows her tattoo on her shoulder.

Additionally, Paris revealed that she named one of her cars as ‘McCartney’ to commemorate The Beatles legend. Also, the other car of Paris is named as Paige, for the honor of Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote:

“This was my first time driving paige (yes, we named her after jimmy. how fitting when my jeep is mccartney ?)”

Famous actress and mother of Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton added this comment:

“Are we seeing u and Gabe on Dec 14th? Please let me know.❤️💕😘”

A fan named Bella said:

“That’s genius lol, when i have a car, i’ll name it Hendrix”

You can check the post below.