The iconic pop legend Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, has reacted to a recent internet viral by saying a harsh comment via his Twitter account.

In the statement, she also revealed that she don’t have Tinder, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. After the tweet, she also made a little conversation with a fan.

Here’s the first tweet of Paris:

“I don’t have LinkedIn, Tinder, or Facebook. So I’ll pass on this one. Thanks tho dolly.”

A fan named Tina said:

“LoL. Someone in the comments said put your phone down and go outside, why do people feel so obligated to give unsolicited advice?! “Yo Paris, I know there’s more important things to chime in on but you really need to put the phone down and go outside.” -all entitled people.”

Paris responded:

“What I love most is that they’re giving advice to someone that’s literally been doing what they said to do for years now. I spend too much time in nature and off my phone to the point where I get in trouble at work for ghosting people on accident lol”

You can reach the original tweets via Twitter below.