On Instagram, the official account dedicated to Michael Jackson posted a photo from the video clip of his famous song ‘Jam‘ and shared a memory told by the producer.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson sadly passed away on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50 caused by a cardiac arrest. Millions of people mourned after the tragic death of a legend.

The famous song ‘Jam‘ was the fourth single from Michael’s 1991 album ‘Dangerous.’ The music video of the song produced by the short film producer Phil Rose and featured NBA legend, Michael Jordon.

Recently, the official account of Michael Jackson posted a picture from the video clip of ‘Jam’ and on the caption, shared some memories of the producer, Phil Rose, that he recalled from the production process of the video.

Here’s how the producer recalled the making of ‘Jam’:

I had to meet with the local police chief and everything else without revealing who was in the video, so we portrayed it as a Hellmann’s mayonnaise commercial, so we wouldn’t draw any attention to ourselves. The call sheet itself, we kept [the actual video details] off there; we kept it off of the crew lists.

Anything that had any kind of printed material on it was basically listed as a mayonnaise commercial. With any typical shoot or making a commercial, you don’t really advertise it, but you do have street signs up directing equipment and crew.

You can see the photo posted by Michael Jackson’s official Instagram account below.