The legendary pop star Michael Jackson‘s son Prince posted a video on Instagram showing behind the scenes of his sister Paris Jackson‘s show named ‘Unfiltered’ and clarified the origins of his name.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson’s only daughter, Paris Jackson has also become a musician and an activist following her father’s path. Paris formed the band named ‘The Soundflowers’ with her boyfriend Gabriel Glen, and the couple has released their self-titled album.

As you might recall, Paris and her brother Prince Jackson worked on the first music clip of The Soundflower together. Prince was actually the producer of the music clip of the band’s song ‘Your Look (Glorious).

Recently, Prince Jackson posted a video named ‘Earn Your Title‘ on Instagram showing behind the scenes of the music video of ‘Your Look (Glorious)’ as a part of Paris Jackson’s show named ‘Unfiltered.’ As you will see in the video below, Prince revealed the meaning of his name and the story behind it. Moreover, he explained why he had to do all kinds of work during the filming of the music clip regardless of its importance.

Apparently, Prince was given his name because he was the son of the King Of Pop. However, he emphasized a name which was given and earned were two different things. Since he had a name that was given to him, Prince had to work harder to earn that name.

Here’s what Prince Jackson stated in his recent video named ‘Earn Your Title‘:

“The mantra for my production company is ‘a name is given but a title is earned.’ And that basically comes from the idea that my name is Prince because I’m the son of the King of Pop. But that name was gşven to me whereas my dad had to earned the title King of Pop.

Because of that, it should be all hands on deck. No job is too big, no job is too small. Because I believe that you have to skin your knee or burn your hand to learn, you know. And learn from your mistakes.”

On the caption of his post, Prince mentioned the importance of working hard to achieve his goals in life and wrote:

Little morning motivation for you. Nothing great in life comes free. It requires hard work, dedication, discipline, and sacrifice. Keep working towards your goals you will manifest them as long as you keep them in mind.

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You can watch the video Prince Jackson posted on Instagram below.