Legendary pop star Michael Jackson’s son and the brother of Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, gave some great advice to the fans via his official Instagram account and showed how a kind-hearted person he is.

Prince replied to the good and bad habits to his followers by using the stories section of Instagram and gave some tips for life. He guaranteed that if they could stop drinking soda and reading books, life will be much easier.

Here is what Prince said:

“Shout out good and bad habits.”

One of the fans of Prince wrote:

“Stop drinking soda and walk more.”

Prince replied:

“I stopped drinking soda a long time ago and felts so much better that’s the way to do it 👍”

Another fan of him penned:

“I’m 20 and I never read a book and this month I start reading and really proud about it.”

Prince responded:

“I want to read more as well. Always great to open the mind to new ideas.”

You can check out the conversation below.

Photo Credit: Prince Jackson – Instagram