The late pop star Michael Jackson‘s son Prince Jackson posted a video of himself on Instagram to announce his participation in an important initiative: ‘Share the Mike.’

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris and his son Prince have been following the path of their dad and working on their musical careers. Prince and Paris have recently worked together on the music clip of Paris’ band The Soundflower‘s new song. Prince was the producer of the song and he did an amazing job at it.

Furthermore, they both have been deeply interested in social and political issues in America, and especially during the recent protests against racism, Paris, and Prince showed their support to raise the voice of people of color.

On a recent Instagram post, Prince shared a video of himself explaining an initiative that he had become a part of. As a part of the initiative called ‘Share the Mike,’ Prince was giving his account over to someone who was a source of inspiration for him and many others.

During the video, he mentioned that he was going to be giving his account to Trell Thomson, who was an inspiration to many people especially with his efforts to help people in the Black community to raise their voices.

On the caption of his post, Prince stated:

“Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 10PST as I hand over my account to Trell Thomson as part of Share the Mic”

As you will see in the video below, Prince Jackson shares some background information about Trell and explains the amazing works he’s done so far.

Here’s what Prince told during the video he shared on Instagram:

“Hey everyone! I was really inspired by the power of the initiative I saw on Instagram taken by these two incredible trailblazing women called ‘Share the Mike’ where people offer their platform to a friend or college in an effort to continue to share and spread vital information, education, and life experiences. So starting tomorrow at 10 PST, I’m going to be giving my account over to someone who inspires me and many other people as well.

His name is Trell Thomas and his work starts with career beginnings at NBC to the historical Obama presidential campaign of 2008. Trell has a great appreciation for sharing narratives of diverse communities and bringing stories of excellence to the forefront through the various events he hosts.

Trell’s mission is to empower people of color and spread positivity through black excellence. He’s the founder of ‘Black Excellence Brunch.’ Friend Fridays and Share Black Stories Live which are positive spaces to uplift the Black cımmunity celebrating their individual and collective excellence. I really hope you all tune in tomorrow.”

You can watch the video Prince posted on Instagram below.