The son of the late pop legend Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson has unveiled the moments he feels most alive in his life during the self-quarantine period and encouraged his fans to enjoy the outsides as he did though the deadly virus still goes on.

As you may remember, the famous media personality and a huge motorcycle fan, Prince Jackson, has been devastated by the loss of his beloved dog, Kenya, a few weeks ago. Jackson has mourned the death of his important family member who passed away on 26 October 2020.

Prince recalled his dog with some amazing videos, taken when he was swimming and rolling on the floor. Jackson admitted that he couldn’t imagine his life without Kenya as he was so important for his growth.

Weeks after announcing the grieving news, Prince Jackson has taken Instagram with an incredible picture of himself, taken when he was riding his bike across the wild winds. In the caption of his post, Prince expressed his excitement to get his knees in the breeze as it’s the weekend.

He encouraged all of his followers to take time to treat themselves like him while saying there’s no feeling like being in the wind. Though the danger outside still continues due to the COVID-19, Prince suggested over 700k people on Instagram to slip away their troubles by going out.

Here’s what Prince Jackson said in his recent Instagram post:

It’s almost the weekend and I am excited to get my knees in the breeze. What a tough year this has been, individually and collectively, but congrats we’re still here because we’re resilient and strong.

I’m looking for a little R&R on the open road and I want to encourage all of you to take time to treat yourself. There’s no feeling like being in the wind for me, all of my troubles and woes slip away as the wind and speed take over.

Be safe out there y’all and stay tuned for our little moto road trip. Special thanks to Cameron for taking these awesome pics of me on the The Monarch. More to come soon! Stay safe out there y’all. 🎉🏍👊🏼”

You can see the post below.