The legendary late musician Michael Jackson’s daughter and almost 3.5 million followed Instagram celebrity Paris Jackson, posted a new Instagram Stories today, and sent her followers to famous American comedian Chris D’Elia’s latest post.

You will see the video of Chris right below that he’s celebrating the 4/20 with smoking weed in his home, mentioning Bleach Media’s official Instagram account on the caption.

As you might already remember, Paris’ little-known photo with Snoop Dogg was exposed this week due to the 4/20 celebration day. Once again, Paris shared yet another post and addressed that her thoughts on weeds did not change at all.

Here is what’s written on the caption of Chris:

“Whoa Happy 420!!!! Sorry, guys, I’m getting BLAZED OUTTA MY MIIIIIND, MY BABIES!!!

I’m toking a frigging RIDICULOUS amount!!! Thanks for the kush @bleachmediaofficial!!!! #420″

An Instagram user named pfcpdh commented on the video:

“People who have never done any drug ever are like people who have never left they’re home town.”

You can check out the posts of Paris and Chris D’elia right below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram