Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, has posted two stunning photos of herself to show her attractive tattooed body via her Instagram page.

Paris totally dominated Instagram with this photo and got lots of comments from the fans in the comment section. The post also reached 150k likes.

Here’s what she wrote about the photos:

“So honored to work with the dynamic business-savvy sisters Vera, Sara, and Marianna and the company they control that’s been in their family for three generations @AGLshoes @roversi #womenempowerment • @tompecheux • @odilegilbert_official •

A fan named Prince said to Paris:

“Absolute slayer looking stunning🖤💫”

Check out the Instagram post below.

Today, Paris also shared a Spotify screenshot of a The Beatles song called ‘I Will’ and meanwhile, she showed off her admiration to The Beatles once. Here’s what she posted on Instagram Stories: