Michael Jackson’s daughter, also a musician herself, Paris Jackson recently shared a post on her official Instagram page asking her fans to share their artwork inspired by her new album ‘Wilted’ so that Jackson can display them on Spotify as the cover of her songs.

As you may know, Paris Jackson just released her debut solo studio album named ‘Wilted’ and her debut solo single ‘Let Down,’ inspired by her recent breakup which created the tragic and melancholic tone of her album.

Paris album has 11 tracks and its sound has alternative folk elements about which Jackson stated, in an interview, that she will stay true to herself when it comes to the genre and her overall music since someone will be disappointed anyway.

Now that her debut album is out, just like every other artist, Paris Jackson also released her music on Spotify with only one cover. Recently on Instagram, she shared one of the current covers of her album and urged her fans to send their artworks inspired by the ‘Wilted’ album. Paris mentioned that she will choose the best among them and she will use the designs on Spotify for her new songs.

Here is what Jackson said:

“To my mushies… I know you love creating beautiful art. share a piece of original artwork inspired by the album and I’ll use it as the background for some songs off the album on Spotify. Looking forward to seeing all of the incredible art everyone creates.”

You can see Paris Jackson’s Instagram post and her album on Spotify below.