Famous late pop star Michael Jackson’s daughter and gorgeous model, Paris Jackson, has made a funny joke on Twitter and involved in an amusing argument with her followers.

Paris stated that if men don’t trim their mustaches, it will look like bangs on the mouth. She likened this imagination with women’s bang and started she can’t stop thinking and laughing about this.

Afterward, a fan named Lana replied to Paris and said that Paris is having issues with sleeping, and that’s why she made a bizarre joke in the middle of the night. Later on, Paris replied and wrote that she couldn’t tell her what to do in a funny way.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote:

“So if men don’t trim their mustaches, it’ll get so long it grows over their lips and gets in their mouth…

Well if you have bangs and you don’t trim them, it’ll get in your eyes. So basically mustaches are just lip-bangs… It’s 6 am and I can’t stop laughing about this.”

A fan named Lana replied:

“LMAO go to sleep Paris…”

Paris responded:

“Don’t tell me what to do lol.”

You can read the tweets below.