The daughter of 20th century’s icon Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has remarked the significance of having fun during Halloween without making it uncomfortable for the majority of people in her recent story on Instagram.

One of the most influential figures on social media with her political and social awareness and a gorgeous indie-folk musician, Paris Jackson, has come up with another praiseworthy post on Instagram Stories lately.

As you may recall, she has recently taken Twitter to inform her followers about the upcoming election in the US and supported the Democratic party for their Texas campaign.

A short time ago, Jackson has pointed out an important social issue on her Instagram account. She has reposted the warning message of a meme page about having fun on Halloween without offending nobody.

It was warned against on the post to neither dress up as a culture or a race, nor be a transphobic jerk with nonsense costumes. Also, it was emphasized to don’t dress up as a mental illness or physical disability, and don’t be a walking rape joke.

While drawing attention to these super simple tips that will provide respect and kindness within the society, especially in this period, when we’ve been most needed these, Paris Jackson has been congratulated by her fans, as usual.

Here’s what was said on the picture Paris Jackson reposted:

“Halloween is fun. Don’t make it uncomfortable. Don’t dress up as a culture or a race. Don’t be a transphobic jerk. Don’t dress up as a mental illness or physical disability. Don’t be a walking rape joke.

If you’re not sure, err on the side of not making things weird for everyone and choose any other costume. Be a rad ghost or something. Super simple stuff.”

You can see the story below.

Photo Credits: Paris Jackson – Instagram Stories